2018 Summer Courses

ONLINE COURSE 24/7 To fulfill TSBDE recent regulations
Title 22, Part 5, Chapter 111
regarding a practitioners' privileges
to write for controlled substances.
June 2 Lecture Course
Contemporary Aesthetic Treatment Options: An Overview of Self-Ligating Aesthetic Bracket Systems & A Review of Early Orthodontic Treatment Indications
June 8 Lecture Course
Have You Been Sued Yet? New Challenges in Risk Management and Record Keeping
June 8 2018 - SAID offsite course-Clinical Considerations for CAD/CAM Guided Implant Dentistry
Coronal Polishing for the Dental Assistant
June 16 Lecture Course for the Entire Dental Team
Management of Dental Trauma in the Pediatric Patient
June 16 Lecture Course- TSBDE- Course for Recertification
Review Course in Moderate Sedation & Advanced Emergency Procedures in the Dental Office (Level 2 and Level 3 Sedation review)
June 15 & 16 TWO IN ROW with Dr. KOHNER
June 15 Lecture Courses / Hands On
Gingival and Connective Tissue Grafting
June 16 Lecture Courses / Hands On
Hands-On Crown Legthening Workshop
June 23 Lecture Course
Immediate Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation-Prosthodontic, Surgical and Laboratory Principles
June 23 Lecture
Pediatric Dentistry Update for the General Practitioner
June 23 TSBDE-Approved Course for Certification
Application of Pit and Fissure Sealants: A Certification Course for Dental Assistants
June 30  Lecture/Participation Course
Recognition and Management of Medical and Moderate Sedation Emergencies: Hands on Learning with SimMan
July 14 TSBDE-Approved Course
Behavior Management Techniques and Protective Stabilization in Pediatric Dentistry
July 21 TSBDE-Approved Course for Certification
Nitrous Oxide Monitoring Certification Course for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants
July 21-22 Participation Certification Course for Dentists & Dental Hygienist
A Standard Proficiency Certification Course in Laser Dentistry
July 27 2018 - SAID offsite course-CAD/CAM Dentistry Esthetics & Occlusion
July 28 Lecture/Participation
Restorative Planning Implant Dentistry
July 28 Texas Brief AM
Curved Ultrasonic Inserts-How It Works?
July 28 Texas Brief PM
On the Cutting Edge-Effective Instrument Sharpening
August 4  Lecture/Participation Course
Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry
August 4Texas Brief AM/Lecture Course
Achieving Predictable, Clinical Outcomes For
Restorative Success Utilizing Conventional & Digital Dentistry
August 11 Texas Brief AM
The Dynamics of Anterior Teeth: Form, Function, and Esthetics
August 11 Texas Brief PM
Occlusion Made Easy
August 11 Lecture Course for the Entire Dental Team
Practice Growth Through Esthetic Regeneration and Implant Dentistry
August 12 Lecture Course for the Entire Dental Team
Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Peri-Implantitis The Connection and Treatment

August 18

Lecture Course
Fundamentals and Advances in Resin Composites, Adhesive Systems and Resin Cements