2018 Spring Courses-Updated 12/2017

January 19 TSBDE-Approved Course for Certification
Nitrous Oxide Monitoring Certification Course for Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants
January 19-20 Lecture/Participation Course
A Standard Proficiency Certification Course in Laser Dentistry
January 26 Hands-On Course
"Recognition and Management of Medical and Moderate Sedation Emergencies: Hands on Learning with SimMan"
January 26 Texas Brief AM/Lecture Course
Clinicopathologic Cases of Common Oral Conditions
January 26 Texas Brief PM/Lecture Course
Update on Antimicrobial Prophylaxis and Oral Cancer Screening in Dental Practice – New Controversies
January 27 A Lecture/Participation Course
Minimally Invasive Implant Dentistry
January 27 Lecture Course
Achieving Predictable, Clinical Outcomes for Restorative Success Utilizing Conventional & Digital Dentistry
February 2 Lecture Course
Update on Common Medical Conditions and Lesions Encountered in the Contemporary Dental Practice
February 3 Lecture Course
An Overview of Dental Bonding Resin Cements, Glass Ionomers & Resin-Modified Glass Ionomers
February 8-10 Academic Outreach: The 23rd Annnual Ski & Learn
NEW LOCATION: Aspen Snowmass, Colorado
Attend a course, then experience the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
February 16 Texas Brief AM/Lecture Course
The Dynamics of Anterior Teeth: Form, Function, and Esthetics
February 16 Texas Brief PM/Lecture Course
Occlusion Made Easy
February 16-17 Lecture/Participation Course
Comprehensive Surgical & Resorative Implant Treatment
February 23 Lecture Course for the Entire Dental Team
Practice Growth Through Esthetic Regeneration and Implant Dentistry
February 24 Lecture Course for the Entire Dental Team
Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Peri-Implantitis The Connection and Treatment
March 2 Lecture Course
Endodontics 101 & 102 and Beyond…
March 2 Texas Brief AM/Lecture Course
"Lawsuits, Dental Board Investigations, and Other Bad Things That Can Happen to a Dental Practice!" How to Avoid These Setbacks in Your Dental Office.
March 2 Texas Brief PM/Lecture Course
Annual OSHA Training Course: The In’s and Out’s of Germ Warfare
March 2 Lecture Course/3 Topics in a Single Day
Minimally Invasive Antimicrobial Treatment for Basic to Advanced Periodontal Disease
March 9 - DENTAL TEAM WEEKEND Lecture Course
Dental Team Implant Certification Program
March 10 - DENTAL TEAM WEEKEND Lecture Course
Essential Skills for the Dental Implant Team
March 16 Texas Brief AM/Lecture Course
A Spanish Class for the Dental Office Vamos al Dentista (Let's Go to the Dentist) Part I: Introduction to Spanish
March 16 Texas Brief PM/Lecture Course
A Spanish Class for the Dental Office Vamos al Dentista (Let's Go to the Dentist) Part II: Dental Terminology
March 17 Lecture Course
Dental Sleep Medicine: Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
What Every Dentist Should Know About this Life Threatening Medical Disorder
March 23 Lecture Course
Alternative Medications and Their Impact on Patient Care
March 23 Participation Course
TMD Diagnoses and Treatments for General Practitioners
March 23-24 TSBDE-Approved Course for Certification
Minimal Enteral (Oral) Sedation and Emergency Procedures
April 6 Lecture Course/Examination
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Required Dental Assistant's Registration Course and Examination
April 6 Certification Course for Dentist
Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation Hands-On Training Course
April 7 TSBDE-Approved Course
Behavior Management Techniques and Protective Stabilization in Pediatric Dentistry
April 12-14 Academic Outreach
Fully Simulated Comprehensive Implant Placement Course in Carlsbad, CA
April 13 Lecture Course
The Dental Wear Patient, Diagnosis and Treatment
April 13 Lecture Course
Review Course in Minimal Enteral (Oral) Sedation (Level 1 Sedation)
April 14
Lecture/Participation Course
Contemporary Trends in Pediatric Dentistry
April 27
May 11-12 Lecture/Participation Course
A Standard Proficiency Certification Course in Laser Dentistry
May18 Lecture Course
"Grand Slam" Restorative Dentistry
May 19 Lecture Course for the General Dentist and the Dental Team
Oral Surgery for the General Dentist
May 19 Lecture Course
Oral Cancer: From Diagnosis to Management